Thursday 13 April 2017

TIOBE Index update - top 4 languages are going down

The TIOBE index shows:

  1. Top 4 languages are going down (Java, C, C++, C#)
  2. Delphi is now significantly more than 50% the size of Microsoft C#
  3. JavaScript and Delphi are keeping their share
  4. R is going up, fast

It seems that there is a general move away from mainstream languages, towards other languages like JavaScript, R, PHP etc. R is probably rising because of the need for more data analytics, and large organizations have a tendency not to make paid statistical software available to employees that need it - and even universities that train doctors are now switching to R instead of STATA, SAS, SPSS etc.

For JavaScript, I heard a good recently, which it keeps being so popular: It is one of the few programming languages, that you can use without installing any software on e.g. your company computer.

Will Delphi overtake C# and Microsoft .net? Maybe - Delphi works on mobile phones, but Microsoft .net doesn't.

My personal opinion is, that you should pick the development framework that suits your needs, with regard to productivity, legal issues, tool-supplier support, longevity expectations, deployment options etc.