Wednesday 25 June 2008

Mary Poppendieck: 100% Scrum is not 100% Agile

Yesterday, we had a workshop with Mary at the IT University in Copenhagen. In case you don't know Mary, she is one of the most important people in Agile and Lean software development today. The workshop was arranged by BestBrains.

I can strongly recommend following Mary's advices. She is experienced with real life software development, with managing, and has many good points. And it's nice to hear her confirm, that being 100% Scrum is not being 100% Agile. I totally agree to that.


Lars D said...

There is a resume of her presentation available now at

abby said...

Thanks for linking to that, wish I could have been there!
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A.H.O Evertsson said...

Enlighten us, what's wrong or missing with Scrum according to yourself?

Lars D said...

Agility requires not to follow a specific way of doing things. This means that you cannot be 100% something.

A.H.O Evertsson said...

Got it!