Tuesday 11 November 2008

Corrections to "Working with Delphi 2009"

My article about "Working with Delphi 2009" contained 2 serious flaws that need a correcting article.

First, I mentioned that #0 would not be stored in a unicodestring/string. That's not correct. I did have a problem related to the #0, but I identified the wrong cause. I haven't identified the correct cause, yet. Thanks to Andreas Hausladen for reporting this.

Second, I mentioned that insert(), delete() did not exist in ansistring versions. This is actually what delphi reports inside the IDE, but it is not correct. If you try to use them with ansistring, they will compile and work. Thanks to "PhiS" for reporting this one.

A search in system.pas reveals, that insert() works with shortstring, ansistring, widestring, unicodestring, but not RawByteString. However, I have tried all kinds of combinations with utf8string, ansistring and other kinds of strings, and it seems to work backwards-compatible in all cases. A utf8string does not get converted to local character set when used as an ansistring var-parameter to insert(). It's not logical, but it works.

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