Wednesday 5 November 2008

New PO file editor: Gorm

In case you are using PO files for internationalizing your applications, there is now a new Open Source editor around: Gorm. Features include:

* Labelling/tagging of translations, so that you can make a translator translate a subset instead of everything
* Automatic error discovery (like when format-string translations are not correct or when the translation has different spacing than the original)
* Spaces are shown using dots
* Display of secondary translation when writing texts for other translations. This is very useful if one person knows 3 languages, and wants to cross-check, or if the translation of one application should be a guide for the translation of another application.
* Integrates with Google Translate
* Text filtering of items
* Separate display of source code position and programmer comments
* No installation required at translator - the exe file runs directly when double-clicking it.
* Focus on usability for non-programmers.
* Tag-based statistics

The application is still under development, but ready for production use. Because it is still under development, you need to go to the GNU gettext for Delphi forum to get information about it.

Gorm was named after Gorm the Old, King of Denmark 900-940 A.D., father of Harold Bluetooth, whose name got famous when it was used for the Bluetooth technology in mobile telephones.

Gorm was made using Delphi 2009, which made Unicode easy.


Aleksey said...

sounds nice =)

Jānis Elmeris said...

Is it available for download? I would like to try it, as I have problems using PoEdit: it does not support context feature which I need.

Lars D said...

Yes - it now has its own homepage, too:

Jānis Elmeris said...

Oh, thanks for the link! But it seems that it does not support domains either, does it?

Lars D said...

A domain is basically a file. Gorm edits one file at a time, which means you are editing one domain at a time. In other words, it handles domains perfectly.

Jānis Elmeris said...

Sorry, I'm new to this all gettext thing yet. What I meant was the context support, not domains. Gorm even refuses to open a .po file if msgctxt lines are used.

Lars D said...

Gorm was programmed using the libraries from the GNU gettext for Delphi project, which basically ported the 5 year old version of gettext. Back then, msgctxt did not exist, and I never heard about it until now.

This looks very interesting, thanks for making me notice :-) I will probably not have the time to implement it right now.

Stefan said...

Is it possible to change the source language for the google translator? I need german.

summ3r said...

A neat new tool to edit .po files ( gettext ) is It's online, free and very easy to use. It also permits collaborative work.